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One used to work with a very fast pace of work and life, as exaggerated as the heroine Andrea Sachs in “The Devil Wears Prada”, often anxious and unable to sleep that night for a customer plan for tomorrow, or about to fly to another city to give an impromptu speech, and make her heart uneasy. One day, as the quality of sleep and my physical condition deteriorated, she realized that busy work had left me with too much to lose, such as healthy, pleasant personal status, happy family, and free-talking friendships. So she took a long vacation to find her true self. 

She went to a small mountain village with large areas of flowers and woods, mountain springs and birds chirping, and all sorts of small creatures. It seemed to make her travel through time and space to a quiet and peaceful world. Wake up every day to the sound of birds, linger in various flowers such as sunflowers, small daisies, Gesang flowers, etc., and be in a daze in the song of insects and birds and the colors of lakes and mountains. Soon the anxiety of the past was swept away, the body and mind felt unprecedented ease and relaxation, here time seems to be static, everything in nature is so gentle, each is not hurried, comfortably blooming their charm of life.

Healed by all this, and there was great peace and joy in her heart. But how to reflect these natural elements in daily life, what can present the beauty of these elements. She think of jewelry, which you wear every day, and its elemental shapes and styles remind you that nature is always around you. So Peacevery Jewelry was born.

peacevery jewelry

                Our Misson

Peacevery team hope to share this peace and emotion with more people through jewelry, reminding people that no matter what kind of environment they are in, they can always imagine the peace and joy of returning to nature, and strive to improve their hearts and become a better version of themselves.

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